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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shea Terra Is Awesome!

So last week I received a box full of awesome beauty goodies that I won in a giveaway from My Beauty Bunny. The products were all Shea Terra, a line of organic, African beauty products, from Green 4 Your Soul has a wide selection of products that are USDA certified organic, fair trade, and recycled products  They make sure their products are safe, effective, and green. They are what what all natural beauty stores should be like.

Here are just a  few of the items I really enjoyed:

  • Organic Certified Shea Butter - It's shea butter. That's it. No fragrances, preservatives, or yucky chemicals. It's great!
  • Marula Face and Body Oil - If you haven't heard the current buzz about marula oil, you will soon! What is it? Some people call it the African miracle oil. It's a great moisturizer, used by many women to reduce wrinkles. No wrinkles for me yet, but it did make the patches of dry skin on my arms go away almost immediately! I also tried them on my upper arm bumpies (if you want to get technical, it's called keratosis pilaris), and it seems to have significantly reduces the bumpage!
  • African Lemongrass Indigenous Black Soap Elixir - A great cleanser for skin prone to acne and blackheads. since I have combination skin (more like bipolar- extreme dryness and extreme oil, all in one day!), I have a hard time finding a good facial cleanser. This one works so well, and it's totally devoid of all those seriously harsh chemicals that are found in nearly all traditional cleansers. The lemongrass scent is totally energizing too.

Oh, and if you're a sucker for something that smells deliciously sweet and fruity, but want to keep it all natural, try the Honeybush Peach Body Nectar Oil Spray. It smells like really ripe peaches and red rooibos tea!

There's no guarantee that these products will work the same for everyone, but I've decided that they're my new favorite organic beauty company!

My thanks to Green 4 Your SoulShea Terra, and My Beauty Bunny. And click here to enter My Beauty Bunny's 31 Days of Giveaways. Hurry! There are only a few days of new contests left!

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